Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Girl's Home!

Two years ago, Baby Girl, my youngest, was home from college and contemplating her future. Last year, she took us all on a whirlwind of two visits to Africa. This past winter, she married her best friend of six years. This summer, the two of them have spent in Brooklyn, NYC, whilst her hubby pursued his internship for his major.

And today she is home for a nearly weeklong visit before settling back in her college town with hubby.

And I am in mommy heaven.

Having my two girls home, with grandbaby, and second son and awaiting first son's visit this weekend with his lovely wife, fills me with such a mommy joy, that it's hard to express without lots of sighing.......

Lots of cooking, special request menus, lots of porch and garden time and LOTS of talking!!! It's what we do, what we love and how we are wired.

And it is good.

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