Friday, August 14, 2009

God Knows

Just starting to branch out to designing/sewing for those that I do not know. Asking the right questions is more important than ever; no assumptions can be made.

Finished a purse this afternoon. Started on it yesterday with eager anticipation. I realized after I cut it out that it was smaller than I wanted.

Need to mention that before I sew for someone, it's important that I pray, asking that the Lord will direct my hands and bless the work for His glory, for this gift I have, is from Him. This time I prayed, Lord, I do not know this young woman, but you do; show me what to do for her.

Then the problem started. I tried to 'expand' the bag by adding a contrasting fabric, but it just didn't work well. Even added tucks, thinking it would look more 'customized; didn't work. In the end, I accepted it's shorter status, took it all apart and started over.


Not what I wanted. Finished with the bag and was pleased with the outcome; albeit smaller than expected.

Photographed and got tags ready for the owner to pick it up.

She arrives and I open the door to a tiny little woman with a big smile.

I knew right away that a bigger bag would have been perhaps a bit too overwhelming for her small frame.

I did not know that but our Heavenly Father did. He just wanted me to pay attention to His direction and do what was right for her....

I just needed to listen.....

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