Saturday, August 29, 2009

P.S. 'New' Things...

Yellow Yummy-ness!
My favorite color has been yellow since I can remember...
I am drawn to it like a magnet (except in cars; cars should really not be yellow. ed. note)
When I saw these dee-light-full tins of 40's usefulness at a garage sale, I practically ran to pay for them, lest anyone knock me over and take them from me...!
I know they are destined for my etsy shop, but I sure am enjoying looking at them for now.....

Organizer/Admin Daughter Gets Her Birdie Sling!!

She never asked for it but when I innocently purchased this fabric when in Cincy with her, I believe most of the people in JoAnn fabrics heard her gasp!! So I did what any sensitive mother would do to her child's subtle hints: I made her a bag with the fabric! Let's face it; she deserves it.....She is my most ardent fan! :D


  1. It is beautiful and SO Rhiannon! She will love it!!! Yeah!!!

  2. New things? I found a packet of old e-mails from you in the safe a few weeks ago, and one of them detailed the conversation you had with Jacob about why you get things out of the garbage in relation to your doors =) Those messages were a blessing and still are.

  3. Im not gonna lie, as I also find yellow to be the color that is the nectar of my soul, saw this picture and crossed my fingers as I read on to hope that they were for baby girl. haha!!! so wonderful. ugh.
    I need to hang out with middle-older aged women because I obviously have the same taste as them. Subtracting the ones that are attracted to angels/boyds bears such things. That is by no means me.
    p.s. Rhiannon's bag is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!


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