Monday, August 3, 2009


What does a first time grammy do on a visit?

1. Finished three bags and two pillows.
2. Babysat (of course!)
3. Entertained my little Vivien
4. Helped Mama
5. Cooked my new diet dinners for the little fam.
6. Planned my etsy shop and got help from daughter for this blog etc.
7. Drove back home with Vivien on her first long trip.
8. Prepared cottage for Vivie and her mama when we got home.
9. Introduced her to my home and town.
10. And all the normal things......

Today was bliss with my new little guest. She played with and on Grammy's toys, sat on my porch and under the pergola and got used to these things called domestic pets. Her first encounter with my ancient Miss Kitty was startling, but subsequent interactions with Dixie and Stella the fluffy cat went quite well. She might just like them. I got to make a blackberry chocolate cake for the nursing mama who needs all the carbs and calories she can get and the grilled pizza was just the thing for a summer night. We ended the evening with a parade like walk with Poppy, Vivien, Vivien's mama, Uncle Jordan, Dixie and Viv's swanky stroller that Poppy found for her online. I tried desperately to find some friends outside and about to show off my new grandbaby but alas, no one was out.

Just doing what I love......

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