Sunday, August 16, 2009

And the Weekend...

Ryne's wondering why oh why would I just want a photo of the new patio??
McAlisters -be it Indy or Cincy......

Of course, the Vintage/New apron made on the last visit....~

Always grateful for the lazy weekends.
Usually, they are packed and busy.
Not so, this past weekend.
A rather planned/spontaneous trip to Indy to visit Eldest Son and Lovely Wife.
We absolutely love our time there. There is usually lots of talking, planning, sharing and sometimes projects worked on. With the help of our granddog, Ryne, we have a relaxing, fun time with them.
This weekend, we outdid ourselves on relaxing....
Cooking out on the grand new patio that they recently completed, enjoying the last day of summer vacation for the third grade teacher that is Lovely Wife, and watching a movie when the skeeters sent us packing, completed the Lazy Agenda....
Wrapping up the weekend with worship at their church, fabric shopping, Eldest Son entertaining us at Old Tyme Pottery and lunch at McAlisters, ended the well anticipated Lazy Weekend.....

As we backed out of their driveway, waving to them as they stand together on the back porch of their cozy, window boxed home, we sigh a sigh of contentment..

Thank you God.....

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  1. *Bravo* to the "eldest son" for his amazing patio creation!!!!! It looks amazing!!! Glad you all had a relaxing and fun time together! "Lovely Wife's" apron fits/looks FAB-U - LOUS!!!!

    ~Vivien's Mama~


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