Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Of Course, We Need a Grocery Cart Cover!

If Vivien needs a Grocery Cart Cover, then I think Grammy and Poppy should do something about it.
I can research it on the Internet.
I found a pattern. Jan Andrea at http://crafts/sleepingbaby.net/cart_cover.html.
But it needed interpreting. Not that Jan was complex, it's just that my mind seldom goes to it's technical side. That's where Poppy comes in. He immediately drafted a paper pattern following Jan's suggestions and then handed it over to me. Okay. It looks a little ghost like and even cutting it out, I still didn't know what I was supposed to do with it. I figured it would eventually hit me.

Eureka! The brain cells cooperated and the necessary sewing was figured out and a trip to the local grocery store for a fitting and off to Cincinnati it went! I read all the instructions and agreed with Jan that a little tote bag of my own design would be nice to transport it. And provide a little extra seating padding on the cart seat for The Viviers. We are ALL about her comfort....

And you can see why!
Here she is at a restaurant with Mama and Daddy, happy as a clam and cute as a bug.
Here's to sewing for grandchildren!!!

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  1. I actually used the cover again today at the grocery store... AND O-M-G!!!! Vivie was all smiles, coos, and yes... like the other Cory Women... verbal about her excitement for new accessories! She made quite an impression at Kroger... MANY people commented on how cute she was... even a teenage boy working in the dairy department... she was THRILLED and truly enjoyed her new view in the store... Grammy and Poppy would have LOVED IT!!!!! Thank you again for another Mama's Collection creation!!!!! <3


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