Friday, September 4, 2009

Porch Time

Nothing I like better than some porch time.
Been that way since I was very young and my grandmother had this tiny, tiny house that had one awesome front porch. She had this mission oak type porch furniture, and to this day I can still smell the summer that clung to the chintz cushions on that lovely furniture. Sitting in this shaded, screen covered room, with huge hydrangea bushes on both sides, I would sip on my 7 up sherbet float that she made just for me and dream, perhaps, of the day when I would have my own wonderful Porch World.

Since that time, I have accumulated porches and memories along the way.
Even our first apartment has an enclosed porch that I immediately wanted to set up like Grandmas. Our first house had a nice little porch with a swing that brought my first two babies bliss on hot summer days.

Our second house was the porch that remains in my children's memories. A small screened in porch became host to innumerable visitors. Every space was covered with a comfy spot to perch with a neighboring table to lay the inevitable snacks brought out to entice guests to stay longer. The porch evolved and had themes each year. New paint, a ceiling fan, small lamps, many cushions. Lots of naps. How in the world could such a small area host such memories, I have no idea, but I can still picture myself with friends, laughing till way late, while our children played kick the can or flashlight tag.

Now I have my grown up porch. Wide and comfortable, it can accommodate the size of my growing children. We do not have to stumble over each other's feet or risk walking on someone to get around. Wicker collected from many years, finds a home on my porch. I have a wicker porch swing from many years ago thanks to an auction, a rocker from a garage sale, and a small dining set from an estate sale. The one thing my heart has always longed for, wicker-wise, was a chaise lounge. People do not usually let go of those things. They keep them till they are done or they end up in an antique store, out of my range.

Then this happened:
Baby Girl's Mother in law asked me if I wanted a wicker ottoman. I NEVER say no to anything wicker. I gave her an affirmative and a few weeks later, she showed up in her truck with her amazing chaise lounge! The look on my face had to have startled her because she told me quickly, if you don't want it, you don't have to take it! She mistook my awe with crazed disgust. (I'll have to check to see how similar those looks are! :D)
I was speechless.
She had no room for it in her recent downsizing and knew I owned a home for Unwed Wicker. She knew where to take it. Even if she had trouble with it's name, it mattered not....I was going to own a wicker chaise lounge..For my grown up porch!

Last Friday, Faithful Friend, tried it out and proclaimed it very adequate and terribly addictive and stayed till way late while a storm raged outside of the porch.

I love porches.

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    Aren't you glad I married well? :)
    I cant wait to test it out with an official baby girl nap on it! Soon!
    I as well with all the other Cory children have grown to be quite fond of porches. I cant wait to have my own as well... :)


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