Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Papa's Collection

Yes, you have reached the right blog....
I have not turned militant or developed a penchant for killing deer.
I have just returned a well earned favor for my hubby...
For all the times he carted endless truckloads of 'stuff' for me...
For all the times he did not question why we were spending long hours at auctions...
For all the times he covered my expenses when my till was empty..
This was for him....

I mentioned sweetly Sunday night, that there was to be an auction that we might want to go to on Wednesday, his day off.
Immediately, he grumbled around, seeking a long lost to do list that would HAVE to be accomplished on Wednesday. He stumbled around for ANY reason to not have to accompany me to another auction.
I let him ramble on, smiling sweetly waiting for the punch line.

'They have GUNS'.


I had him.

Wednesday was a date for the auction.
So we sat there for three hours, watching an endless (to me!) parade of artillery: rifles, shotguns, handguns(some bought by some pretty shady characters; eek), watching Hubby grit his teeth, balance the budget in his brain, and weighing the worth of these obviously important guns. Actually, it was kinda fun being on the Other Side of Bliss. Watching him where I usually am, was insightful and fun. A tool of Empathy 101.
He bought one shotgun to add to his collection. A collection which had not been added to for over 30 years. Long overdue, huh?

Lest you think I am completely noble and self sacrificing, (quit giggling!), check out my score. $2.00: mid century lighting extravaganza of a Pole Lamp.....

A 22 caliber day....:D


  1. wow. good for daddy. :) Landon would be jealous.
    He is planning on deer hunting this year, and I am sure he would be thrilled if dad would want to go with him. Did I mention on his papaws farm? In the midst of the beautiful early morning dew? BINGO again. :)
    Can he still?

    p.s. I liked your picture that you had before for the blog. The Logo is too blurry? Is the the jpeg I sent you, or the card scanned in?

  2. p.p.s I LUUUUUURV the lamp!!!!!!! :-D
    Now I only have to convince my hubby why we need it....does it have guns??? hahaha!


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