Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Report from the Sewing Room

Baby Girl saw my vintage towels/placemats and "ordered" (demanded? requested strongly?) a set of placemats for her newlywedded apartment. I found a favorite flannel blankie that BG and I had used for nappy time during our homeschooling time whilst going through garage sale things a few weeks ago. Knew it was destined to become something memorable. Ta Da! Baby Girl's Memorable Nappy Placemats!!
An order for five bags has me day dreaming of varied designs. Pictured is a more traditional bag. You like?
And what is this mess? This, my friend, is what happens when the Eldest/admin/organizer Daughter is absent for too long!!! It is the hub of my creativity but sadly out of control. Organizational day is needed...But four more bags are calling.....
Nothing worse than getting 'a look' from my 'loyal' sewing companion. Even she seems put out that 'her' domain is slightly off kilter....Okay, okay; I'm working on it....!
And off I go....


  1. OMG... I love-love-love the bag WOO-HOO!!!! Gorgeous!!!!! And the place-mat is perfect... Cal will love it!!!

    And we talk about the sewing room... ... ... ...

  2. EEEEEEEP! I love love LOVE them!!! :-D
    Love recycled memory filled crafts.perfect.
    Cant wait to have them!!!!

    p.s. love Dixie's face!


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