Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dance Challenge.

Little known fact. (except my family; they know)
I have been known to dance all over my house when given the right music....Not right dancing, mind you, but real cardio, dance all over the living room, into the kitchen, around the library (mine, not Mitchells:D) and then around again.
Not sure if any neighbors have witnessed this, or passers by.
Don't really care.
Just lovin the dance...

Click on the second video bar to the right...

Let me know if it got you up outta your chair.....


  1. wow. I can picture it perfectly.
    No DC Talk or Amy Grant, but its pretty you. :)

    I miss the days of us dancing to Chain Of Fools.
    It will always remind me of us. *sigh*
    I miss my mama...

  2. What's funny is that I'm carrying on the tradition... I sit Vivie down and dance for her... she loves it!!! Giggles, and kicks her feet... she's definitely a Cory!!!!! :D

    Btw... it did occur to me the other day that my neighbors could probably see me too... hahahaha... oh well... at least I know (or knew) how to dance... can't ever get my old tap dances out of my memory... YAY!!!!! :)


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