Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Festival Finale

PETA should probably look away right now.
A small boy with a goldfish won in a game too late at night.
A small boy with a deep seated need to 'pet' the goldfish in his temporary home.
I informed the dad that my bets were on making it to the highway.
Knowing his son better than me, he bet on making it to their parking space.
The Friday Night Frenzy after having one night pretty much canceled.
Huge crowds. Lots of cars and the obligatory mud everywhere. Wow.
I would like to tell you that the photo below is someone from the festival.
However, this is Eldest Son's way of entertaining himself while we do the dishes after a wonderful supper of Mustard Crusted Pork Loin, Mixed Squash Bake, Spinach Salad and brownies. We always chocolate when Lovely Wife is coming for dinner. It's just what we do......We are pleased to say that Eldest Son's earring is Lovely Wife's bracelet even though we did think it quite fetching on ES's ear......Carnival games. Lovely Wife would not let any us touch anything.
Probably wise.....

Sewing today involved finishing a beret, making place mats for aforementioned dinner tonight out of vintage towels that are too fragile for towel use but are spending retirement as place mats and cutting out a patchworky type of tote bag for an order of five that I have......

Cooking, baking, sewing, little rain, Eldest Son and Lovely Wife for supper AND Persimmon Ice Cream at the Festival after....
What a good day it was....


  1. so jealous. wish so badly that we could be home today. :(
    p.s. I would LOVE a set of mamas collection place mats. :)

  2. p.s. Wow!!! I cant believe how big he has gotten!! Looks JUST like his eldest brother! How big is middle son getting these days?!?!?! And eldest??!

  3. BEEEE autiful placemats! wow! is there no end to the creative streak in you?


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