Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Just Too Fun...

It's what I kept thinking every time every time I finished an aspect of this special order Western Theme bag!
Absolutely a hoot to make. I found this all wool table runner in the bottom of one of Pauline's craft boxes at the auction this month. It looked like it had never been used. I laundered it carefully and was about to put it into the garage sale last Saturday, when I remembered my special order Western Theme purse! Too perfect! I had the embellishment for years; it was part of my button collection forever ago. It had no fastener, so it never got used, just admired...Then I found an odd Napoleon type medallion in my heavy metal collection of embellishments for the weighted flaps I put on my purses. It fit perfectly inside the western embellishment, got hot glued in and sewed on with the medallion's hooky thing!
Don't you love it when things fall into place like that??
I had found this wonderful horsey fabric at my local Ben Franklin and just kinda fell in love with it. Have no idea why and even hubby looked at me strangely when I bought it. Perfect lining for a western theme purse, right? Did I mention that I had bought this before I had the order? Spooky, but cool!!
And I got it all done so that Hubby and I could check out the Festival on the first night of bracelets..(special 3 day prices for unlimited riding)...We checked out the commercial tent and signed up for all they had, especially the $500 gas card.....! Just felt like taking it all in! Checked out Manny the Greek's menu for future reference....Gyro's and baklava....! Yay!

And then the walk home....Admiring the thin sliver of moon in the overcast sky.....



  1. it's awesome. I'm pretty sure she will love it. She wants to know how much it will be...?
    I have many orders that have mentioned to me from friends at work and church...ordering cards today!!!


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