Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Men

This is Jon and Landon.
Landon knows that Jon has seniority.
Jon has been in the family loop since he was fifteen.
He is closing in on 30.
He has some years with us. And we are glad.
Landon has been around with us since he was 15 also. Now a young man of 22 1/2, we have gotten quite used to him being around as well.
These two men, between them, have more talent, musically and artistically, intelligence in all areas, academia and common sense type, than you would find in a large room. Truly brilliant.
And funny.
Funny, funny guys. It is a good day when I can make them laugh. If I can make these guys laugh, then I am dang funny.....
Love them....
I have spoken muchly about my girlys. They are involved in my promotion and cheering of my new business. You know how I feel about all three of them. Special, lovely women....
But I've barely mentioned my wonderful men.
I have four of the most diverse and interesting and dare I say funny, funny gentlemen in my family. Two I gave birth to, and two I have inherited via marriage, but all I consider 'mine'.

Men of integrity. Men of substance. Men who truly are gentle-men. Men I would trust my life (and my daughters!) with. Men I know will/are making wonderful daddies to my grandchildren.
Kind, intelligent, thoughtful, crazy guys.

Devon is my first born son. Completely opposite/complimentary to my first born daughter, he came into the world sleepy and compliant and has remained that way all his life. My journals are filled with his escapades and famous quotes. My memories of conversations when he was small up into his college years still fill me with wonder about the kind of man he is. However, don't let his calm facade fool you. His strength, his desire for righting the right, defending the weak, has taken his calm exterior to the mat more than once. Do not cross him or harm his lovely wife or speak evil of his family. It could be the last thing you do.

Jordan. Where do I even start with him? I believe the pattern for him was broken once he came into the world. Truly, a renaissance man. Full of his own beliefs, ways to do things, thoughts on the deepest level and a comedic streak that does not stop. His Achilles heel is his soft heart. A big man, he melts with a soft word from a child. He is not fearful of showing his emotion or afraid of what others think. Not many men can carry off a child's tea party well, but if it involves our little friends, he will attend and attend well, not willing to just sit there, but he will, in his writer's way, come up with the craziest stories for our little tea party's host, that there is lots of choking on our tea and crumpets as we laugh wildly... A lovely man.....

And of course, I've spoken of and photographed my hubby...
My completer, my warrior, gentleness to balance my rougher edges.
Since 1970, he's been it....
How can one woman be privileged to such a grand assortment of men?
Thank you God......
(p.s. Lest you think that Landon horned in on all the shots, these photos came from his wedding day....We will allow Landon to be in on all the pictures.....this time...:D)


  1. This is Rhiannon... Jon's wife...
    All said men listed above are as wonderful as described...
    What would life had been like w/o this men??? *Scary thought*
    These Men... "My Men" are the BEST MEN!!!!!
    I am so blessed to have "these men" in the life of my little Vivien... she is a lucky daughter/granddaughter/niece...
    We love these men!!!!

  2. There really is not a better platoon of men as these. All covering all the bases of the attributes of our heavenly Father. They are amazing. I feel blessed with all capacity to even know them, let a lone be in their lives and share the same blood.
    Must I say, my husband, my dear Landon. Has proven to be the best husband I can possibly ever EVER imagine, and I thank all these men that I have grown up with (and him as well!) that have been a part of forming my husband into the man he has become and is still becoming. And the same goes for myself. I would most definitely not be the woman/wife I am today without these men pouring out different parts of themselves into me. I can't even imagine life without a single one of them.

    In almost a week, hopefully, we will all (ALL!) be united to see these men altogether and all us grateful women will be able to admire their strength and comedy that makes them the great men they are. It will be a fine day, and I look forward to it so.


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