Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long (Good) Day at the Auction!

As soon as I walked in, I saw it. Even with this older gentleman parked in it the whole day, I still really wanted to take it home. If I had to take the older gentleman in the deal, then so be it. It's not like I haven't cared for an elder gentlemen before. When Hubby gave me the okay to bid up to a certain amount, I was ready. Even if we had to wait FIVE hours whilst the auctioneer had to auction off an INORDINATE amount of knives of ALL kinds! I kept checking with hubby, making sure he still wanted to stay and he affirmed that he was just dandy. We were both bereft that we did not own a large truck and a large storage unit. The wonderful furniture at this sale, went for sinfully low, low prices. If I thought I'd see the day, Child of Oak Furniture Regime, that a 48 inch solid oak table from the 30's would sell for 25.00, I would have called you crazy. That's what it was like all day...Hubby and I staring at each other in disbelief at the quality of furniture going, literally, out the door.
But this little sweetie came home with me...(sans the nice gentleman!)

One drawback to the trade off of our Cash for Clunkers...
Sharky, the Hyundai was a little put out having to go to auction. We finally convinced her that she looked buff carrying around furniture. One good umph and my new wicker acquisition was in the back seat! Did I mention that it has springs? And that there has only been one paint job in many, many years? And that it has CRYSTAL CLAW FEET? Never in all my Wicker Collecting, have I seen claw feet on an item! Tomorrow, I will show you where it got located....

(P.S. This lovely woman had the nerve to sit in front of me and taunt me with her beautiful hair! Quite a bit of coveting going on today....! Had to take a photo of it and put in my Things I Must Do Before I Get Put In The Casket. Grow amazingly long red hair?? Good luck Deb.....:D!)

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