Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Busy

Today was the day that I begin to winterize the house.
That involves finding places for all the furniture taken outside for the summer and rearranging the living room furniture for good fireplace views.
I also had to find a new home for Auction Score of yesterday.
Couldn't put it too near the fireplace and risk drying out the wicker so it found a happy spot at the foot of the stairs. A convenient spot for putting on/off shoes and parking purses and a convenient pull in an extra chair location when the room gets needy for seats. It's happy there, don't you think?
Crazy Dee's expecting her Seventh Grandchild soon. There will be a baby shower this weekend and the 2G's Mama and I are working on a good group gift; a little registry and a little homemade makes a good balance. Homemade spit up cloths are fun and personal to the baby of the day. Little Jonathan Blair will be quite proud of his initials on his very own spit up cloths!
Fun, fun stuff!


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