Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Visit with Mr. and Mrs. Young

First time in the official First Apartment of the Newlyweds...Yes, they lived for a few months in another apartment, but this one they got together. Picked it out before NYC then moved in there upon their return. The last time we saw it was while we were helping Baby Girl move in whilst her hubby was still in New York.
Looks a bit different from the hectic move in day.
A peaceful refuge in College City.
A haven.
A home.
And we arrived to Baby Girl's first homemade dinner for her parental units.
And it was delicious and prettiful. Nice placemats, huh?

After the bountiful dinner, it was off to walk around downtown Lafayette.
Love to peruse the store fronts.
Oh look! A Landon Birthday Plate! We sing to him.
We end up at a quiet little coffee shop for the best chai ever and a huge, for four, piece of chocolate cake. Yum.

True to their promises, breakfast was served as soon as we woke up at the crack of ten AM.
Landon sang a sweet little wake up song then proceeded to make one of the best breakfasts that I have ever eaten. Truly.
In the tiniest kitchen ever.
The toaster was on the end table. The mix master was in the living room. And his helper had to dance around to work around his busyness..
First apartments; memorable and usually challenging...And fun....

Another first visit with our adult children in their own digs with their better halves and their own distinctive tastes.
Seeing them come into their own and become the people that we only dreamed they would become.
What a wonder and what a blessing...
Precious times; lovely memories..
Thank you God......


  1. I *LOVE* their apartment!!!!!! When I saw it I immediately thought their place looked like a mixture of Agnes & Paul, Deb & Pat, Calin & Landon... 3 generations in 1 beautiful apartment... PERFECTION!!!!!

  2. :) all of this makes me smile. a lot.
    it was such a blessed time, and I will always look back at it and smile.

    p.s. where is a picture of the folding bookcase?? HAHAHA!!!! I love my husband.


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