Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Library Love

I love our library.
It is 198 steps from our home.
Tonight, hubby and I sauntered down there to return our audio books and just look around.

The library is a turn of the century Andrew Carnegie library with some well done updates.
It is beautiful and helpful.
I feel good just being in there.

It was my first official business in Mitchell when I moved here. Took my daughter down to get us some library cards before the moving truck made it here.
Before cutbacks, it used to host different classes. I learned garden sculpture, oil painting and poetry writing.
All in my neighborhood.
Literary enhancement and information and resources available just down the block.
Magazines that I can't afford to subscribe to, are there. Back in the days when I cared for my father at home, I could sometimes sneak down to the library for a few minutes to look through some garden or decorating magazine to take me away from the rigors of care giving for awhile.

The children's section is colorful and complete.

A jewel in a small town.
Thank you Andrew Carnegie

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