Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friendship Painting

I painted Crazy Dee's living room today. Well, first coat. Daylight will have to be in place before the second coat goes on. We are redecorating 'on a dime' by painting, making a window larger by putting up a bigger rod, applying a chair rail, doing some stenciling...etc etc....Fun stuff....

I love my friend so painting for 6 hours was nothing.

CD celebrates my birthday for the whole month.
She has a red and yellow sign for my front yard, reminding passers by that they should greet me all month in celebration of my special day (month).
It is a month long hoot.
Last year, I had a gift every other day of my birthday month.
It was amazing.
We can be totally honest and lovingly joking with each other. We pray for each other and enjoy our bible study together.

I will sew to my fingers bleed for her.
And sometimes they do.

She is a rare and precious friend....
Off to clean my brushes.....

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