Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Misc

Look, Look, Look!!!!!
Vivie has her first knitted hat from her mama!!!!
Did you even notice it what with those adorable chubby cheeks and sweetness radiating from her cute little self???
Oh yes! Her new hat will go quite well with her new fleece coat that Grammy finished last week!
I defy anyone to gaze upon this little imp without smiling profusely!

Friday Night at the Pizza!
Time to ready for the weekend by making a new pizza recipe..This one a thin crust...Yum...

And what's going on in the sewing room after making five bags?
Beret making!
Found a long lost Martha Stewart pattern that is easy beasy and fun to make..For this one, I used an old sweater that I had worn one year too many...

And we have heat! The furnace is in and furnishing very quiet and productive heat. Wow.

How to do mundane housework and easy sewing projects?
Listening to a good book...
This one is good and long and very tangly...
Encompasses Columbine, Katrina, the Civil War and women's rights, murder and imprisonment...Whew.

Let the weekend begin!

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