Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Little Wood Sprite

Back in the day, Halloween costume making was a month long event.
My husband would have Columbus Day off and for many years, that day was designated as Buy-the-Fabric-for-the-Halloween-Costume Day.
The week or so before that day, the children would decide what or who that they were to be and I would try my hardest to accomodate.
I cranked out princesses, brides, mickey mouse, elves, a variety of super heroes and my personal favorite: Loving You Barbie. You remember; the Barbie with the red bodice dress with white netted skirt with red hearts scattered all around. Thoroughly enjoyed the making of that one.
As you can see, it was always a family project that superceded the day itself.

But the day itself was hardly shabby.

We decorated the house, lit all four pumpkins, stoked up the bonfire in the backyard and summoned all the neighborhood ghosties and ghoulies.
Even the years that we opted out with religious objections, we still gathered and celebrated Reformation Day.
Our neighborhood was not one to pass on a reason to celebrate.
One year, we passed out candy from our bonfire, inviting parents to join us in a cup of hot cider. We went through a ton of hot dogs that night! After all the little creatures went home, my husband and I drifted off to a sleep in front of the fading bonfire and under the sparkling stars of the clear, cold fall night. Waking, I discovered my crepe soles on my shoes had melted from being propped up too near the coals.
It was worth it.

My costume making days have been resurrected by the arrival of Miss Vivien.
Her mama procurred a sweet little fairy like costume that just needed an extra umph.
A bouncy headpiece with lots of color and bells (of course) and some little ankle/feet covers and she was set....

Absolutely adorable.
Happy First Halloween my little wood sprite/fairy Vivien!
Here's to many more!!!

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