Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hardware Helps

Oft times (don't you love that phrase 'oft times :D) I have been greatly distressed to see the high costs of embellishments for purses.
Not to mention that Peltex, wonderful thing that it is, is 10.00 per yard and that I can only buy it when I have 50% off coupon. I know that plastic canvas is a good sub but isn't Peltex lovely?
I digress.
Hubby and I are at Menards purchasing a needed smoke alarm (First Alert has a dandy rebate) for our cottage in our back yard. I linger longer in the hardware near the copper.
My mind starts getting excited over the possibilities.
Suddenly, I'm grabbing bags of plumbing and contracting supplies at really reasonable prices. Then Hubby gets in on the action and starts scouting out other hardware opportunities for purses. We ended up with this tidy pile of fun embellishments/weights for my bags.

Shouldn't you order one for someone you love this Christmas? Never know how this handy hardware will show up on a bag you order....
(don't worry; I'll use the discounted Peltex to save you some $$$):D

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