Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Two of Bag Giveaway Week!

Look at my Sewing Room Assistant!
Just lounging around while I am hard at work.
Have to admit, I've put her through her paces this week..
Going from one project to the next, involving all parts of our home...
And being quite the shadow, I'm sure I've worn her out!
Actually, I wanted to get a photo of the new curtains I put up in the Guest Room upon completion of The Update, but she was lying there on the quilt,looking quite pensive, that I just had to get a pic of it.....
You'll see the curtains later....

Did I mention that Hubby's been off this week?
Yay projects!
On one of my doggy walks, I noticed an old crib kicked to the curb.
For some useful reason, I had this thought while taking my bath...
'Why don't you grab that unuseful as is crib in it's incompleteness, and make a hanging quilt rack out of it??
So after my bath on Sunday night, I announce to Hubby that he need not take off his shoes yet; he needs to go fetch an incomplete crib, on the ground, down the street.
And after all these years, he did not question it a bit.
He just re buttoned his shirt, grabbed his keys and headed out on this crazy mission.
We scoured the hardware store on Monday night, looking for appropriate hardware, only to find what worked in our own garage. Even better.
So, Ta-Da!
All my beloved quilts are now on display!

Crazy Dee still has me working on her updating projects as well.
She wanted me to recover her couch pillows. And she was very specific.
She wanted them professionally done (as if) and swanky. And free.
What the??
Anyway, I do as I'm told and here is the after and before.
I removed the piping off the old and I think it shall resurface soon....
Her birthday was February 2 and I am still gifting her....
And she thinks I'm difficult, birthday wise.....:D

Day Two Update!!
The Giveaway Bag is shaping up! I took the blog photo before quite a bit of work was done on the bag. Took a dog walk to clear the cobs out of my brain and plan better for it....
VERY excited about how it's coming along....
I know from all the comments, that it will go to really nice lady..
So many nice things being said...
Thank you all!!
Comment Away!!!

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