Monday, November 9, 2009

Day One of Giveaway Week!

Thank all of you that left comments yesterday!
The cogs are turning and the Giveaway Bag is brewing in my mind....

But firstly, I had some other businessy things to take care of before I could treat my mind and hands to the GB!

Below, is a tidy little bag I made for an eleven year old friend.
She is fond of purples and blues and is on the cusp of junior high hood, so I dare not go too sweet, yet not too grownup either.
Found this material on the discount rack and it really screamed for my little friend.
I thought that a bracelet that Baby Girl received, way back in the junior high days, would make a really nice embellishment/weight...And will probably make enough noise and distraction that her fifth grade teacher may have issues with me!
Like the little bag alot.

I've been painting my guest room.
Thanksgiving Company is coming and a bit of sprucing is always in order.
Even if company is my own progeny. Funny how one day your children are home and doing chores, then one day, they are guests; guests that I clean like mad for and cook like the Queen Mother has scheduled a visit. Interesting, huh?
Painting a room sounds so....practical.
I have to make it more interesting by challenging myself to redecorating a bit, but redecorating completely on the cheap (read: no cost). This little old table has wondered around my house and cottage for nearly ten years. Never been updated, just providing a utilitarian need wherever..
Thanks to my blogger friends especially DottieAngel (click on her link on my blog list) I look at my old furniture with an eye to usefulness and fun via paint.
Don't you think Little Table looks happy in this shade of blue? Almost matching the blue in the quilt but with no intention of doing that? LOVE it when that happens!
More pics of the redo as it progressess...Look forward to a discarded, curbside crib becoming a quilt rack.....!!

And now here my friends, is what you've been waiting for!
A peek at the beginning of the Giveaway Bag!
Nice autumn colors with the rich copper embellishments that just make the colors pop!
Tomorrow, we will begin to cut and plan the course of action of this grand prize bag!!

Tell your friends and get them in on the fun!!


  1. Table redo looks so good! You are a busy little bee!!! WOW! Love Abbys bag too.

  2. You've had that table in the house for 10 years?!? Funny, but I don't really remember it... where has it been hanging out? :D It looks great!!!!!

    The copper is GREAT!!!!

  3. This is all SOOOO great! Wow.
    P.s. love the table, and of course...I want it. :)
    who knew I would have the same taste as you so early.

  4. Heehee! shows you what a little paint can do!
    That table has held the little tv, been a bed side table, went to the nursing home with Grandpa and held multitudes of plants..It's been a good little soldier table; useful and quiet...It's time to shine a bit on it!!! :D

    Excited about the bag, right??!!

  5. LOVE the bag giveaway idea! I'll pass along the word! Can't wait to visit this weekend :)

  6. I need to find some pieces like that, that are probably hiding all over my house! A little paint can work wonders!


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