Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

God provided a glorious fall day.
He provided a network of family and friends who manage to make me feel like everyday is my birthday.
From the gentle pat on my bottom with an early morning Happy Birthday from hubby while making his breakfast to the wonderful nightly back rub from same, that is guaranteed to make me feel special and relaxed, the day was golden.
Thank you for your well wishes.
A bible study with the 2G's and their mama in Bloomington, started off the day.
When I got to their car, there was Grant, all prepared in song and dress, for the Birthday Girl's arrival!

Bible Study completed and lunch time near, mama and the 2G's escorted me to a near campus, eclectic little cafe, frozen in the 70's yet contemporary in it's retro-ness.
Great old hippy place for a former hippy wannabe.
Phone calls, voice mails, texts dot the time....

Remember me telling you about the 2G's papa being a Cakemaker Extraordinaire?
Well, see if you don't agree.
Gorgeous cake, eh?
And cards.
Lovely wishes and memorable greetings.
And, of course, the wonderful, wonderful Shutterfly photo shoot of my beloved Vivers...

And the sign says it all.
Came home to see that Crazy Dee had planted her sign in my yard for the month of November.
Tomorrow, the celebration continues...and on and on..
For tonight, Hubby shall take me out to eat. Being a foodie, I look forward to a meal out. 20 years of agoraphobia has shown me the glories of eating a meal out, and appreciating the process and the social event that sharing a meal is.

Lest you think that I am the most egocentric woman alive, let me assure you that a more grounded person you shall not find.
I simply find it amazing that God has created me for a special purpose and if only that is to show others how we should rejoice in the creation He has made in us, then so be it.
Celebrate life. All life. Your life. All the time.

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