Thursday, November 5, 2009

Celebrating Con't

The picture below is the end result of a Birthday Lunch with Crazy Dee.
We shared a Chocolate Mousse Cake.
It was pretty darn good.
As was the rest of the lunch at the Chandler Tea Room AND the glorious pedicure at RedNails.
Good company, good food, grand tootsie treatment.
Then Faithful Friend takes up the banner call of Con't Celebration by taking me off to Christy's on the Square, to have an amazing repast.
We spent a lot of time oohing and ahhing over our deelishious dishes.
And pleasant conversation and mutual encouragement.
We came home to dive into the 2G's Papa's Gorgeous Birthday Cake.
And talked till way late...
This birthday thing is like a mini vacation of the most decadent kind.
And I appreciate every minute of it...
Indulge a friend today....

(Speaking of indulging....With all this birthday giving and receiving, I believe you shall be interested in a 'Very Giving Plan' that Eldest/Admin daughter has hatched in that amazing brain of hers...
It involves RECEIVING and GIVING...
Aren't you really interested?
Stay tuned...
And have a cup of good, hot, chai tea on me..)

(PS of the best kind....While writing this, Second Son came into our home from his little cottage to do some Facebook checking...Without saying a word about sharing the computer, he proceeded to start to rub my very sore shoulders and share his day with me. Then, without saying a word about needing to be on the computer and finally completing the task of disintegrating my crunchy muscle knots from painting, he quietly bid good night and went back to his home....Some Birthday gifts you just can't price....Thank you Buddy.....:D)

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