Friday, November 6, 2009

Small Town Graces

Life in a small town can be a frustrating, glass house kind of existence.
Being limited to big city opportunities, not to mention gas mileage to anywhere, can cause a measure of irritation.

Then there are days like today.

A leisurely stroll downtown to the post office to mail Most Interesting/Loving Friend's Birthday purse, brought a smile to my face. How many people get the opportunity to walk to their postal service, shuffling leaves and waving to other citizens?
I prepared the purse for Illinois and noticed a long lost friend at the counter, taking care of her postal business. While we stopped in the lobby, catching up on our news, other postal customers went smilingly around us, tolerant of our mini reunion.
I approached the counter, acknowledging the sales clerk by her first name.
Of course.
After taking care of my mailing responsibility, the counter lady informed me that there was a little old lady in Orleans, the next town down the road, that makes and gives away, microwavable/freezer rice bags. Gives them away? Yes. She sews them up then hauls a basket full to the post office where the personnel is free to hand them out at will. So, in addition to getting my purse shipped off, I came home with a handmade cold/hot pack. For Free.

In fine spirits from the the whole Postal Experience, I skipped gaily (isn't that a fun phrase?:D) to my downtown thrift store, just to see.
And see I did.
Five very nice shirt/jackets for Second Son, and a very nice Alfani wool jacket for myself and a very utilitarian Old Navy blouse for me. Since this visit was not planned, per se, I had limited cash in my pockets. Just the change from my Postal Adventure. My grand finds totaled a whopping 17.00. I had a mere 15.00 in my pocket. I sheepishly announced that I would have to put something back. Before I could even begin to consider which special find I would have to disengage with, the gentleman waiting on me, quickly pulled out his wallet and said, "Let me help you out" and quickly placed two dollars on top of my 15.00. I graciously accepted with promises of quick pay back, to which he replied, 'Just anytime'.....

The rest of my walk home was considerably lighter, despite the four bags of clothing that I was carrying.

Small town graces....


  1. OMG... reading this put a smile on my face and makes me all happy for you!!!! Ya gotta love Mitchell.... sometimes hahaha :D

  2. LOVE this story, so sublimely and perfectly describes Mitchell. :)
    I appreciate it more and more the longer I am gone.

  3. YAY ReGeneration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love love love that store in the Chastain family (obviously)

    Amy ChastainHendershott

  4. My FAVORITE shop!!!
    (And Darrin and Kim a Favorite as well!!!!) :D


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