Monday, November 2, 2009

mama's eve

My birthday was a real headache to my mama.
I believe she had SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the 50's, an unhappy woman was looked upon as disruptive and irritating. She was labeled as difficult and high maintenance.
OK. Maybe she was high maintenance.
But she couldn't help it if autumn made her sad.
Guess I didn't help much.
I always felt a bit guilty for making her celebrate when she'd rather curl up in a ball and read.
Then I met this amazing man at the grand age of 16 that changed my apologetic approach to my birthday.
He actually LIKED/LOVED fall! Imagine that!
And in the nearly 40 years that we've shared earth, he's made me a royal fan of the golden season.
Dare I say that I now embrace my birthday, yes, even catching up on all those sad birthdays.
And my friends know this.
They entertain me with great fanfare and fun.

Today, the 2G's mama snuck on my porch, flying a birthday banner and balloons for all the passers by (in case they want to go do some birthday shopping for me:D)
And then Sweet Sharon brought by her stash.
Sweet Sharon has been my neighbor for 10 years and I think my friend forever since we are kindred spirits.
She was the one that introduced me around when we first moved here and helped me celebrate my first birthday in Mitchell with great cheer.

Then she went an outdid herself.
She came to my door bearing a great blue bag.
FULL of the most lovely fabrics.
For my bags.
Hand selected for me and my new business.
What a lovely and amazing gift.
What a lovely and amazing friend...
Happy Birthday Eve to me.....

Can you believe how grand these wonderful pieces will make up into functional, fashionable bags for this season?

(and below is Most Interesting/loving Friends fetching new birthday bag....
She's still in China and I presume too busy to look at little ol' me's blog, so I feel safe showing you...)

New fabric, new bags, new year...
Makes a person want to celebrate and share......

Better stay tuned.....:D


  1. HAAAAAAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As "high maintenance" as Agnes was... she would be so proud of you and all you have done... you are an amazing Grandma (I think she would be the first to say that you learned from the best *wink*) and I do believe she would be the first person to flaunt and show off your Mama's Bags!!! You know how she was for labels lol :D she would have especially loved your homemade ones... she would have done "that face" and reached out to inspect the label!!!!!! Agnes approved?!? I believe YES!!!!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday... we will be thinking of you ALLLLLLL DAY!!!!!!!

  2. Btw... love - Love - LOVE the fabric!!!!!! *Yummy*!!!!!!


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