Monday, November 16, 2009

Catch Up Time!

Back home.
Busy, busy week with Hubby home, Sister visit, Eldest Son/Lovely Wife visit and a quick visit with Baby Girl and Harry Beast.
A nice Sunday afternoon walk brought this little piece of antiquity in Eldest Son's neighborhood. Great color for a hydrant, eh?

mama always wants to cook for her people...
The favorite spaghetti sauce with carrots, celery and bacon? So Good.

We saw this flash from the polluted past...
An actual lady actually burning actual leaves...with a can of gasoline nearby...Really? Wow.

Just a grand walk/talk with Baby Girl and Lovely Wife and the silliest boston terrier you'll ever granddog....

Lovely Wife got to pick the restaurant for our November Birthday Celebration....Good, good choice, LW!
The Creation Cafe in downtown Indianapolis (
New with an old warehouse vibe..
Awesome food and with outdoor seating in November, more's the better

And with chairs like this, could the food be bad? I think not...

Fun time....Good croquet game too, Eldest Son!!! Wow..First AND Third place!!!!


  1. Such a FABULOUS weekend :) And Ryne has pottied on that wonderfully colored hydrant many a times...haha. Can't wait until Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Harry Beast! He probably loves that alias.

  3. I bet you wanted to steel those chairs?!!!!! That would look FA-Bo in your house... should we set up a time to go them???? hahaha :D

    Btw... your beloved granddaughter is sick... fever, cough, the works... poor thing :(


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