Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More November Birthdays!

One of my Fleur de Lis friends turns 90 years old on the 25th.
She is amazing.
She is currently crocheting an afghan for each of her grandchildren. (great grandchildren?)
She is poet; not only writing her own, but memorizing and reciting them word for word.
And other poetry as well.
She has a rapier wit; sharp as a tack.
I wanna be like her when I'm 90.
(notice I said when, not if....:D)
So Fleur de lis' monthly hostess took us to the local Mexican restaurant for a bit of a change.
Twelve ladies of age, including the three nonagenarians that grace our group.
Our chuckle to each other and the staff, was that we came there for the good margaritas. Too funny.
When one of the waiters asked one of our ninety year old treasures, how she has lived this long, she put up her hands in the air and simulated a little hoochie koochie dance! Hyssssterical!!!
I secretively notified the waiter that we had a Birthday Girl in our midst, knowing that a rousing Spanish version of Happy birthday, loud noisemakers and a HUGE sombrero awaited the celebrant. Did I mention that it also included a bit of a slap of whipped cream off the dessert tortilla, onto the unsuspecting Birthday Girl's face?? (gotta admit; I was a bit nervous about that part.)
So, when we were all finished with our fajitas, burritos, tacos, chimichangas, the rascally waiters approached our Young at Heart Birthday Girl with great gusto.
It was video worthy...
BG enjoyed it thoroughly. She kept the sombrero on for quite awhile then proclaimed it hers and said, 'well, they gave it to me; I'm keepin it!!'
We all watched as she paid her bill, with the hat on, and confidently, with her cane(she's had three hip replacements) marched out the door...
She did it!
What were they going to do? Tackle her??
She knew that they would not bother her.
She is ninety and spunky.
Too funny.
Gotta love being ninety.....


  1. OMG... that is HILARIOUS!!!! I would have loved to watched her walk out of the restaurant with that sobreo on her head... I'm laughing out load to the thought of it now... hahahahaha :D

    And yes... you WILL be 90 one of these days... you will live FOREVER!!!!!

  2. Ooops... It seems that I do not know how to spell... oh well... no big surprise there!!! :D

  3. OMG...THAT is that hat you were telling me about?!??!!
    GEEEEEZ! hahahhahahaha!!! That is SO awesome!!!!

    and agreed with Rhiannon, I decided about 10 minutes ago that you and dad will live forever. Why shoot for 90! Lets go for 100!!!!!! :-D

  4. haha! Rhiannon and I both started out with OMG. Didnt realize that when I started out. LOL.
    Two peas, different pods. :)


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