Sunday, November 22, 2009


In a recent blog, soulemama shared the love of the way the light during this time of year, colors her home in a golden hue.
I agreed.
The autumnal light goldens up the home and gifts you with that glow for the shorter days of winter.
When I took this photo of my dining room, it was to try to capture the warmth that enters, usually while I"m making supper.
It's like a beacon, beckoning the family to gather and report in with each other at the end of another day....
Love it...

On a completely different note, the photo above is of my dear cat, Stella.
Stella's story is comical enough for a blog of it's own. Sufficient to say, this photograph pretty much sums up Stella. She loves to sit in my fountain when it's turned off, hoping to catch a thirsty bird. Not too obvious, huh? She also thinks that she is totally invisible. She 'sneaks' up on birds in a densely thick green garden hide out, convinced that the birds cannot see her. There has been occasions that I have heard flocks of birds snickering at her.
Now that the fountain is closed for the winter, Stella is non plussed. Even though she has her pick from countless comfy, quilted, pillowed cushions, the Silly Thing is perched, for the whole afternoon, in a tarpaulined concrete fountain top.

Upon a visit to our local laundromat, I came across this warning.
I love living in a small town where there is no end to handmade signs like this. I actually have enough photographed to make a small book.

And speaking of laundromats, do you know what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving? That I own a washer and dryer!
Whenever I have to visit a laundromat, I am made aware, again, how quickly I take for granted the incredible blessing that such appliances afford.
Thank you God. Let me not take these things for granted.

And last, but not least...
Miss Kitty, our 15 year old cat who has a mild case of dementia...
Miss Kitty now forgets where her litter box is.
Sometimes she forgets that she is not allowed to jump on the counter tops and lick thawing chicken..
The other day, she was MIA for over 12 hours. Very unlike my little homebody. I was weepy and remorseful for pitching her out after peeing in the dining room. I just knew she had met her demise, lonely and sad...I was bereft...
Then, leaving for errands, she prances in the front door, hollering at me for her dinner/breakfast/lunch....
Oh, Miss Kitty.....My little Phoenix......

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  1. The photo depicts the very essence of Stella - king of the hill. Priceless.


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