Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Five of Bag Giveaway and What the Heck Happened to Day Four??

Remember, Hubby has been off for the week.
And a Week of Spoofin is a whole lot more busy than a Day of Spoofin.
So where is Day Four?
In the annals of our memories.
There were walks with my Sewing Room Assistant and our photographer.....

There was a wonderful visit with this little fuzzy guy and his people,
aka My Eldest Sister and Her Wonderful Husband. They live another state over so it's a bit of a hike, but the time that we spent there was oh so worth the trek. We had a lovely, lovely visit. Snippets of their neighbors, aka my niece and several of her four sons with a brief drop in by the nephew in law.
Could it be that the sweet little niece that came to our family when I was 16, is now 40 and starting to empty her very full nest? Wow.

And then there was the mundane.
Leaves to contend with, both on the ground and in the brand new gutters.
I took this photo of Hubby on the cliff of our roof to enrage our children further about his antics when there is no witnesses or protectors hanging around.
I'm sewing and he quietly, like he does this every day, exits the window and proceeds to use his broken Gutter Getter to roust out the infernal products of our abundant tulip tree.
Evidence, kids....Your Papa is still stubborn as ever.....

Then there was babysitting.
Just a brief spot with the 2G's so their mama could make a doctor visit.
Grant and Mr. Pat read many books and Miss Grace, the brand new walker, listens in. We thought we should all go to McD's when mama got home.
Just more fun. The 2G's mama spelled out F-o-l-l-o-w t-h-a-t b-i-r-d, a secret Christmas gift, to wit, Grant replied with gusto, 'Follow That Bird'! The Big Bird Movie...!!!" Not quite three.....

Ta Da!!!
Almost completed and really fun, The Giveaway Bag!!!!!
Again, I thank you and all your kind comments....
This has been such fun for me; already planning the next Fun Thing of Interest on My Blog....
Tell me what you think of the First Ever Giveaway Bag...
and maybe ideas for the next event?!
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. This bag is saying, "look inside! If you think I am pretty on the outside, you will be blown away by my inner fabric!"

  2. 1. how cute do you look in your fall atire walking Dixie???!??!!!?!
    2. so glad you had a nice visit with them. cant wait to see them some time myself!
    4. Wow, Grant is SO smart! Always is amazing me.
    5. The bag looks FABULOUS!!!!!! :-D YAY!!!!!!
    6. I love my mama, and I cant wait to see you both on Sunday!


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