Monday, November 23, 2009

Mail Bag!

Here she is!
The winner of the mama's collection First Ever Giveaway Bag Extravaganza!!!
Got this in my email yesterday with a lovely note:

....' the bag is already one of those items that just makes me happy to see it....!'

My Goal!! To share the comfort and fun of creating! Enjoy! (Psalm 92:4) Thank you God!!

Then I got this note as well:

....Wow, what a fun batch of burp cloths! We've enjoyed going over the details (pretty ones, I might add) of each one! I detect a theme- yellow, turquoise, sky, flowers, and personal homey touches -lace, initialing and oh, so feminine-- I love it!......

Imagine a new mom of a five day old little girl, having the presence of mind and TIME to thank me for the gift that she received less than 8 hours before....Wow...I am humbled and impressed! Thank you, Rachel, for the gift of new life......

Then this morning:

...."Gracie just went down to take her first nap of the day...and I tried to use another blanket to wrap her in (wanted to wash the Nana quilt to bring to Chicago) but she cried and wailed and screamed until I wrapped her in her Nana quilt and she rubbed her cheek on it and fell asleep as I was humming. She has a very, very strong connection to this blanket ....just like her Nana......'


Dare you even ask what I am thankful for this week?
Thank you Lord.....The Author of it all.......

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