Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Furnace Fun

In celebratory style, once again Hubby and I have decided to help our home celebrate it's 90th birthday with a new heat system.
According to our furnace people, our current system is celebrating it's nearly 60+ years as prime heat source in our abode.
Lots of technology has occurred since the old boiler system was installed,probably post coal furnace in the 30's or 40's. Fifteen hundred pounds of iron was hauled out noisily starting on Monday. As you can see from the photo, it was formidable. And the photo was taken after it's surround and shell was removed.
And it's place?
A petite, 95% efficient unit, performing the same responsibilities with hopefully less fuel and higher productivity. We shall see when our January bills come in, historically our highest of the season.
Once again, in keeping with our government's incentives to create a more efficient environment and to keep our economy more fluid, Our Home gets new heat.

All this new furnacing requires me to be at home whilst the technicians are here...for three plus days....
What an opportunity to get some work done!
Two new bags and Baby Girls bread bags for all her homemade bread that comes out of her mix master and local bakery!
But first.
I needed to keep the home warm for the fingers to work in the coolest, wettest week so far...
Stoke up that fireplace!

Here are two that got completed this week...
The first one is terribly cozy, kinda like a pillow, it has so much interlining in it! Quilted pockets, outer pocket, magnetic snap and flap over. Ample and full for whatever you need to haul. A goody.
Then we got a little more tailored.
A nice swirly upholstery fabric with a brocade lining.
Button accents and goodly pockets.
Shaped right with a comfy strap..
These bags get to go to school to be sold to Purse Needy teachers and their friends.

Then there is the twin bread bags made from a previous bag owned by Baby Girl summers ago.
Don't we just love it??

Time to stoke up the fire!!


  1. YES I do love it!!!!!!! :-D awesomeness.

  2. I hope you didn’t regret installing a 95% efficient furnace in your home. I’m sure you didn’t and I’m pretty sure you’ve also seen a decline in your energy bills. Today’s highly efficient furnaces are designed to consume 30% less fuel than their predecessors, so a steady decline in your future energy consumption is expected.

    Darryl Iorio

  3. How is the 95% efficient furnace working for you? I hope you’re getting the performance you expected from it, and more. I would also love to have a highly efficient furnace, so I could cut some costs on our heating. By the way, the bags are great and my younger sister loves it! :)

    Launce Newlove

    1. Very Good! We have cut our fuel bill in more than half!

      Hope you've visited my flickr account to see more of my creations!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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