Monday, October 26, 2009

More on the Birthday Celebration.....

The 2G's Papa's favorite cake is German Chocolate.
So that is what we set out to make.
HOWEVER, the 2G's Papa is cake maker extraordinaire. His skill is dazzling and awe inspiring.
How in the world do you make a cake maker a cake for his birthday? His 30th birthday at that?!
Bigger Yikes!
I decided that what I lacked in decorative ability, I better make up for in good taste.
So I do what every modern woman does.
I go to the internet!
And here's what I found:
Details of details but clear and helpful.
(the roasted pecans are yummy! Make extra cause you WILL snack on them!!!)
And here's what becomes of the five page recipe!
Happy 30th 2G's Papa!!!
Have a wonderful year!!

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