Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So Much; So Good....

The Weekend started here..
Rain, rain, rain.
But a warm car, grand company and Sugar and Cream yarn to work with.
And a car, that Hubby wisely picked out based on if the dashboard would accomodate my legs on a long trip. He even told the car salesperson that he needed to make sure that his wife would be comfortable in the co pilot seat by putting her feet on the dash. The salesperson, unwisely said, 'you let her do that?' To wit, Hubby said, she can do whatever she wants, bucko, this is my car.....Good Hubby.....

This was the weekend that we were to meet up with Most Interesting Loving Friends. We decided to meet half way from their location, our past home. We have shared nearly 25 years and needed time together to catch up and enjoy each other's affable company. What a good time. What pleasant entertainment we are!
It always helps to stay at a Bed and Breakfast out in the country and with plenty of stories to go with as well!
The house photo is the grand old lady with quite a story.
The Pumpkin Patch story, with a Martha Stewart commendation, is a blog unto it's own. Pretty amazing. Wait till you see.

After leaving Most Interesting and Loving Friends, we headed northerly to visit Baby Girl and her Hubby in Lafayette.
Another amazing visit with a blog unto it's own.
Suffice to say that Baby Girl's Hubby prepared us the most wonderful breakfast one half hour before lunch time!
Ah! Rest and relaxation on a long weekend!

And no visit to Lafayette would be complete without a visit to First Class Clutter, BG's fave store.
I took in the three bags I had promised her and she promptly placed them in the window pictured here. Can you see them amongst the most pleasing clutter??
Picking up a hefty supply of vintage buttons rounded out the visit there.
On to an Aveda Spa visit then lunch/supper at an Irish pub..
Off to make a short check in visit with Eldest Son and Lovely Wife...
A blessed weekend from start to finish.
Can't wait to share it with all of you....

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