Monday, October 19, 2009

Fleur de Lis Fun

On the third Monday of each month, from October to May, a group of ladies meet in Mitchell. This group is celebrating it's 171rst year this year and we really like to celebrate...
We have in our group, three 90+ year olds.
These women are the hallmark of what makes this group great.
A gathering of women that have lived life well and are living in their winter years with great attitudes, good advice and hilarious stories.
Some of us 'younger' ones, just love to sit and listen and learn.
The untold and known tragedies that these women, collectively, have suffered, are astounding to most of us of weaker stuff.
Their memories of war, death, loss and pain, makes me sit up and take notice of their indomintable spirit and gracious attitudes.
These women could teach world leaders a thing or two.
They could answer many questions the young of today have.
I know that I have learned much from this wonderful bunch of ladies and I am thankful to be their 'fearless leader/president for another year.
Here's to this lovely group of Third Monday at 2:00/noon/10am (depends on where our free spirits take us!) that take literal pains to come out and gather and listen and learn and above all, laugh, laugh, laugh....
God bless them...

We do like a good meal.
Whether it's my house for brunch or the Mexican restaurant or the tea room or Georgia's(90 In November!) house for Christmas, or Jennie Lee's river home for luncheon, these ladies can eat....!

We had two published authors, one local poet laureate, one cattle rustling farm owner etc etc present at this meeting...
Wonder why I just sit and observe?

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  1. the 'tablescape' is so beautiful. food network will be calling you.


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