Saturday, October 31, 2009


Eldest/Admin Girl has a vintage mama's collection tote bag.
This bag has been with her through several moves, college, and now, motherhood.
It has shlumped her knitting, her books and laptop.
Her Creative Chicago Friend helped her pick out the fabulous fabric for it.
In fact, she modeled/designed it based on a bag that CCF already owned.
And she loves it.
No, seriously. She loves it. Kinda like a security blankie for a 30 something.
And I am tickled pink that she loves it so much.
But now mama's collection has kicked it up a notch and the vintage bag is a bit worse for the wear.
Starting to look a bit puny.
Look at it, all saggy and baggy and sad looking.
Poor over loved, overused bag.

But have no fear!
I can help!
And Eldest/Admin was going to be visiting for several days, so perfecto time to be able to do the overhaul!
Taken apart, new interlining, some seam corrections with some strengthening, a new, stout handle, courtesy of a swanky discarded AE belt from the 2G's mama and Beloved bag is an updated, rarin' to go mama's collection overhaul!
Fabulous again!
Worthy of a tag!

Doesn't she look happy?
All new like and perky!
And was Eldest/Admin Girl ever happy!
Oh yes she was!!!!:D

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  1. I Love
    the Makeover... my bag has been resurrected and my heart is sooooooooo happy!!!!!!!


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