Sunday, October 4, 2009

Memory Maker

This is how it started.
Chilly October winds brought on the need for the First Fire of the Season.
The occasion also celebrates the arrival of Old Friends from Far Away.
A lifetime ago, we raised our children together as next door neighbors.
We shared our lives and lived better because of each other.
Our children grew up knowing that these neighbors were branches of their own family.
Talents and gifts were utilized and appreciated.
Then time and life happened and years go by and miles in between keeps the day to day from being a reality.
But then time comes for a reunion.
And it is sweet.
Time together melts the distance and reignites the friendship on a new level.
Meals shared. Thoughts and concerns aired. Prayers in His name are lifted up.

Spending time at Spring Mill State Park..
Slow down the pace..
Neutralize your brain from the input of the week.
Hike, rest, take in the pioneer past to appreciate the convenience of the day..
Go to the Inn for lunch..
Sigh and get ready to say good bye to our Old Friends...

The ending of a wonderful weekend...
Old friends, fresh hope for the future;
Encouragement for the day to day..
Gateway of hope..
Thank you Lord, for friends....


  1. Awwwwwwww....wish we could of been there. I love them so much. I really consider them like another set of aunt and uncle.
    Glad you were able to rekindle some long time needed fellowship with each other.

    P.s. Kim still has that sweatshirt, amazing. :)

  2. Makes my heart smile to think of the four of you talking like old times... gotta love Kim & Joe... life would have not been the same w/o them... thank God for our "second parents"!!!!!!

    K&J... if you're reading this... hugs 'n kisses :)


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