Saturday, October 24, 2009

Not Sleepy

The other night, due to an over indulgence of Crazy Dee's heavy duty tea brew, I found myself WIDE awake way past sleepy time.
Since Hubby gets up at 4AM, I decided to just stay awake till his alarm went off and it would be Make the Lunch/Make the Breakfast time.
After making his oatmeal, I popped a mug of milk in the microwave, spritzed a couple o teaspoons of vanilla, a shaking or two of raw sugar and an antidote for sleeplessness was born.
As is our tradition, we read our bibles and prayed while I sipped on my warm mixture.
Before long, it was time for hubby to head to work, and by the silly hour of 5am, I was ready for beddy bye, blissfully tired and eager to sleep.
Warm vanilla milk...
Does wonders for the sleepless soul...

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