Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Proper Bag

Remember how I told you that the fabrics 'speak' to me? They let me know how they want to be put together into the right bag.

This one was real obstinate.
Different fabric than I'm used to working with. Semi Formal upholstery from Jan up north. Took awhile to work with it.
I nearly had it completed last night when it got mouthy.
Could not be happy with it.
So I let it lie.

Came back to it this afternoon with a determination to follow the fabric's lead and put mine aside.
And it worked.

Nearly took the whole thing apart and totally retooled. Even changed my thread color. The fabric cooperated and the bag is a proper, semi formal purse and I am happy with it....

(As you can see by the La-ti-dah buttons, that it's pretty smug about itself as well......)

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA! So perfect.
    Smiling ear to ear with your wonderful imagery and comic writing.
    Describes it perfectly. And perfect for First Class Clutter.
    Mission Accomplished.


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