Monday, September 6, 2010

The Vacation Market Bag:

While packing for The Trip, I realized, I'm sure, as the cobbler did when sending his children outside without any shoes, that I had no proper book bag.  This summer, I have made over a dozen of these things in all shapes and sizes, but, alas none for me.
Despite the busyness of travel preparations, I sat right down at Close Friend Sewing Machine, determined to have a mama's collection Market Bag of my own.
My vintage stash provided the tablecloth that had spent too many days outside on various tables to be useful as an actual tablecloth anymore.  But never no mind!  It's good parts made an excellent weight for the transformation into useful market bag.  Cast away hand towels of long ago made an appropriate pocket and seasons ago blue and white striped porch cushion fabric finished up the project with a fun lining.
Stout and solid to carry the multitude of books that I think that I need on holiday.
I believe I did read from three of them, including my Bible and notebooks that go with that, so the lugging of my little library was not totally wasted.
Fun things, new tote/market/book bags.
Fun thing to carry around previously used/loved items in a whole different form.
Fun thing to have collections that constantly shift and change.

What does your favorite tote bag look like?


  1. I don't have one! Might I purchase one from you? This is something that I've had on my mind to procure for some time...

  2. Oh my yes! I thought that I was the only one this season!! Send me your new address!

  3. absolutely vonderful dawling!!! :)!
    p.s. I get compliments on mine ALLLL the time! AND my notebook! :)!

  4. I don't have a favorite. I buy many bags, and probably the most useful, only because I don't have better options, is a Land's End canvas tote. It is workable, but not loved ... Does that make sense? That said, I have a distinct feeling that a certain diaper bag will hold a special place in my heart and life one day soon.


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