Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Thirdsie Gathering

Thirdsie Grant got to visit today.  His fourth birthday was earlier this month and it was just time for him to come to my house solo.  Without the sibs and without mom.  I go back aways with his little family, having been one of Miss Lily's babysitters back in her baby days, way eight years ago. has been a privilege and a pleasure to spend random, child-chosen times with these delightful children.  As you know, most children make my heart melt and when they are the ones that choose you, well, that  makes them extra special to me....
On Grant's premiere visit, he knew that he had to do what his siblings have done before him :TEA PARTY!

Being a Thirdsie myself, I know the drill.  I knew he would be animated.  I knew he would be curious.  I knew he would be entertaining, but I did I really expect the incredible personality?  He bubbled words like a brook.  He expressed joy and discernment and loving kindness.  When Miss Dixie kept crashing our Tea Party, I kept telling her, did you get an invitation?  Do you really think that we will share our tea with you and get dog lips all over our tea things?  Yuck.  And Thirdsie Grant went along with me.  To a point.  His gentle heart soon wearied of discluding the eager Jack Russell.  He soon switched sides and asked me politely, 'Couldn't we have our Tea Party outside so Dixie could join us? It would be okay if she made a mess outside, right?'  I knew it.  We Thirdsies have soft, ol' hearts and hate to see someone(something) left out.  We compromised by letting Miss Dixie Tea Party Crasher have a chew stick to keep her mouth occupied.  

TG was very intrigued by my fake fruit as most of my Child Visitors are.  He was impressed by my pretend apples so I sliced him some real ones for our Tea Time.  He then informed me, that he does not like apples.  I then asked him if there was another fruit he liked that I could replace it with.  Knowing full well that he follows his siblings with the heavy handed sugar spoon, I did not want his mama thinking that I poisoned him on two many treats.  He then asked what fruits were.  I proceeded to list all that I had and some I didn't just to get my point across.  He then contemplates all the choices and comes up with this question, 'Are chips a fruit?'

Ah, Fellow Thirdsie, if only they were.......


    gotta love those Matthews kiddos, always a treat.

    and ohhhhhh how I wish chips were a fruit!!!

  2. he was just playing you......he KNOWS what a fruit is! He was just hoping that you make his wishful thinking become reality :) Anything is possible with Debbie!

  3. Of course he does! We thirdsies are very astute which borders on manipulation! You gotta love his approach! He was an absolute deelightful guest!!!


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