Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vacation Views

This sign pretty much describes our vacation.  Call it the 'Whatever/whenever/Or So Vacation'.  Four Older Folks with no agenda, no plans, no tickets, no appointments, just lots of free time and a beautiful backdrop.  Hubby so needed a Nothing Vacation and thanks to the benevolence of Crazy Dee and Crazier Don, they made it happen.  If you remember from last March,, the wonder of still having CD around is more than a miracle.  All I could think of on this vacation with her, was how crazy different it could have been.  How lost I would be without her and how very thankful I am for a reprieve.  This vacation, we laughed and carried on like we  had no tomorrow and last March, her tomorrows were very much in jeopardy.  This Lazy Vacation had some lovely relaxing moments interspersed with some serious shopping and bargain bagging and just to make sure I stayed grounded, My Close Friend, Sewing Machine, came with.  After all, I have a Baby Quilt to make.  And what would relaxing be without sewing?  I finished another crocheted market bag for Eldest/Admin en route and tinkered with quite a bit of embroidery in the car while I tried to ignore Crazier Don's wild driving.  I kept my eyes to the mountains or my hand work and tried to ignore the highway.  Or racetrack that I think CD thought we were on.  Whew.So on this More Than Pleasant Sunday, take some time to take in my views for the week:The brook that ran right outside our window, the swing that helped me organize my home life, the balcony where I spent some quality quiet time, the handmade ice cream place that made me forget my frozen yogurt regimen back home, the lazy mill near a pretty amazing sewing shop, the mountain cabin that was built in the 1800's on the side of the Smokie Mountains, and of course, the Skyline Tram up the mountain.  Do not be deceived.  I was NOT on this.  I took the photo of CD and Hubby on their climb upward.  I wasn't THAT relaxed.Refreshment.  Perspective. Peace. Quiet.  Rest= Vacation for Us.  Thank you Lord.


  1. I am glad you are back to us! Where did you go?

  2. Looks like it was an absolutely lovely and well needed trip!
    YAY for firs vacation in beautiful Tennessee!!!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful vacation...awesome scenery.


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