Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garbage Pie

I could have used a jacket on my walk this morning.
After scorching this summer, even a normal temp seems chilly.  Mind you, you will not hear me complain, merely comment. So naturally, as the flowers die off, and the morning glories bloom abundantly in the cooler mornings, a girl's thoughts turn toward.....
Yes!  Today was Pie Day! I have had on my list for over a month now:
'Make Pie for the Sanitation/Street Department Workers'
I can bet that not one of you has ever had a list with that particular notation on it.
I appreciate my Garbage Men.
As a collector, redecorator, remodeler, gardener, I can manage to quickly fill a garbage can or two...or three..You get the idea...
I can have limbs the size of full grown trees and twelve bags of garden rubbish and rotted timbers from a house project, and they will cart it off.  Quickly.  I had a whole room of '50's tile squares AND the underlayment sitting obediently at the curb and they took that without a blink.  Hubby will tell me time and time again, 'They will never take that!'...I laugh confidently and say, 'You don't know MY guys!'  Then I time how long it will take before a previously hidden garbage truck or city pick up, zooms onto my street, prepared to take care of the Crazy Old Lady on 8th street.  For awhile, I thought that it was community pride by not letting my trash sully the streetscape.  Now I think that they just like me.
I always wave to them on the street.  The guys hanging off the side of the truck, always let loose of a hand to wave back.  They smile as both my dogs have fits over the noise of the truck.  We exchange glances as we (and maybe the mail carrier, even though these days, he has wimped out to delivering mail in his little truck) are the only ones on the street if it's snowing, 10 degrees, or raining like cats and dogs.  They gotta look at me as the COLo8thS but also the Nutty Dog Lady.  They at least get paid for being out in hostile weather; I on the other hand, am just nuts.
I did have one teeny bitty fear.
Remember?  I make lousy pies.  I overwork dough, I am too rough in the rolling out and I've never been happy with my pie crust recipe.  Hubby can work it like a pro, but sadly, I fail.
That was until The Retreat!
Pretend Daughter Kris showed us how to make a pie.  I love her recipe and her handy tips.  But better than that, I loved that she left enough dough in my freezer for me to make my garbage men a pie.  I remembered how she rolled the supple dough out and I tried my hardest to replicate her gentle touch.  And it worked.  Not the prettiest pie ever made, but certainly not my usual sub par standard.

So off I went to the Sanitation/Street Department garage to deliver me homemade pie to 'my buds' the Garbage Men.

Another thing checked off my list......


  1. I actually made my first homemade pie this past weekend!!!
    from apples that hubby picked from a tree outside of the dorm!
    mine on the other hand was not for kind community workers, but for a friend who doesn't like chocolate ( i know, crazy right?!) and her boyfriend as well as hubby and I for our Labor Day grilling out all day event in squirrel park.
    It was not amazing, but pretty good for my first one!
    I will definitely will be needing Kris's recipe and technique for next time!

  2. I love our trash guys too! The other day I put out a kerosene heater and thought maybe just maybe, with my fingers crossed. Well you know what happened :) Yet I tried for weeks to throw away an old tricycle of Grant's they wouldn't touch it....which actually makes me smile! To me it just speaks volumes about their sweet spirits. I predict another sweet surprise in their future!


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