Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lily Love

For the last 7+ Years, I've had the pleasure of having the sweetest relationship with the most wonderful child.  I've spoken of her before in this place, but as she ages and new aspects of her personality blossom, I find new things to report.
The visit on Tuesday, was another Growth Ring in our relationship tree.  I have gone from changing her diaper and making toast points and eggies for her breakfast once a week, to beginning to teach her how to crochet and sew.
My little heart soared when she mentioned in my sewing room this week that she wants to learn to sew and that she thought that I should teach her.
And I agree.
When Lily comes over, she knows what she wants to do.  When she was younger, we had specific things that had to be covered: Tea Party, Play her song, (Jars of Clay, Sunny Day), play the drums, color, and go through the vintage jewelry in my china cabinet.  Now, she kinda free lances it; going from one event to the other as they happen.  I go on to my events and she hers.  We interact and share our projects but basically she just wants to utilize my crazy house and all it's distractions.  Whether she's playing office, shop or house, she is content to share square footage with me and play with my things.
This week, her other good buddy, Youngest Son, who used to co-babysit with me, was off work and invited us Ladies out to lunch.  He thought that a different park would be nice for a change and we Ladies agreed.  He thought that a trip to the Local Jiffy Treet might be more memorable than just going to McDs for a Blizzard.  It certainly was for me; Chocolate Dipped Cones are not that easy to come by in our small community. Yum.
And so our day went, as all Lily Days do; pleasant, entertaining, conversational and instructive. 

Lily started her time with me by drawing.  She allowed me to choose between a floral interpretation and an ocean scene.  Telling her that I am a flower aficionado, I choose the trio of posies.  She delivered to YS's abode, the Ocean drawing.
Lily has also discovered photography.  She loved sitting on my porch limestone seating, taking a myriad of photos of cars, golf carts and pedestrian's passing by.  And she caught me in a serious embroidery moment, as Adoring Dixie looks on.
One good turn deserves another, so I snapped her as she sewed two pieces of fabric for the first time.  It was exciting for both of us.
Little Brother Grant came with Lily's Mama along with other brother Maddox.  LBG has not come solo to Lily's Debbie's house yet.  But he is nearly ready.  He too, along with his siblings, is intrigued with the house as well as the Owner Occupier.  A mystical woman, not related nor near by or  family involved.  Just this generic grandmotherly sort, too old to be an aunt or parental friend.  Just a kind of unclassified enigma that seems to be a part of their family. LBG climbed up on my porch swing next to me,  reporting the important things to nearly four year olds: Like the time his dog got hurt and had to go to the dog hospital to get better. Pictured here, he found a headband that I was working on and immediately placed it on his Tshirt, and proclaimed that he looked like his daddy, the math teacher. Because I just happened to have safety pins on my porch, (doesn't everyone?), I lickety split affixed it to his little shirt and I know that he felt like a big grown up man with a tie.  Ah, the magic of dress up clothes...Being a thirdsie helps a lot too.....
And this parting shot of My Lily will stay with me a long time.....Her pensive concentration.  Her determination to do that which can still stymie adults....The closeness that her interests galvanize to my heart.....
Pretend Grandchildren....Wondrous Gifts....

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  1. Lily came to our church Wednesday evening with her cousin Abigeil. She is a sweetheart. I loved her nail polish.
    It is little wonder that the kids are fascinated by your abode.


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