Saturday, June 5, 2010

Simple Sewing Saturdays: Volume Four

On today's Simple Sewing Saturdays, we are going to venture to the very useful skill of pocket making. Whether you're making a purse, tote, apron or skirt, when don't you need a pocket? At the end of the day, I can unload my pockets to reveal where I've been that day; scraps of paper with hastily written reminders, receipts, litter found in my yard, wrappers, change, used straws from Vivie.  You name it.  So, we must have good pockets.
To Begin.
Pockets come in all sizes.  Today, I'll use a large rectangle that shall be divided into compartments. The size will depend on your bag lining. And you'll need two of them.  I like to use fusible fleece on the back of one of them.  Helps shape the purse/bag/tote/apron better.  Here is another place to use handy sized scraps.  Carefully line up the lining piece to the top piece, right sides together. Sew a half inch seam on three sides, leaving one of the short sides open.
Trim the two corners diagonally.
Turn the pocket right side out, one end open. Press.  Top stitch around, 1/4 inch from edge. Fold in 1/2 inch on open edge, pressing it down then topping stitch it as well.

Center the pocket on the interfaced bag lining, making sure you have enough room on the sides for your seam allowance on the lining.  Sew pocket onto the bag's lining, back stitch in the first and last stitch.  Reinforce on the bottom of the pocket in case you carry heavy loads. Like dinosaurs.  Do not laugh.  I was known to carry large scale dinosaurs with me in my early Mother of Two Sons Stint.

As previously mentioned, I am sectioning off this rather wide pocket.  The size is approximately 10x7 so I will be taking 2 1/2 inches for a pen/pencil pocket.  I love these.  I hate searching the bottom of my bag for the elusive pen at the check out.  Yes.  I still write checks. And no, I hate to borrow the cashiers. Eek.
The leftover space, I divide into two good size pockets.  Good for pocket mirror, lipstick, comb (yes, I still use those too.)  Didn't realized how archaic my purse is making me out to be.  I also use these pockets for crayons. And small note pads.  And people are glad that I pack 'em.  Manicure set. Hot Wheels.  Gum. Mints.

There now!  You have a dandy, well supported, clean edged Pockey Poo for your most fun purse!

And as a Special Treat, this weekend, Simple Sewing Saturdays, is going to expand to Simple Sewing Sundays!!
Yes! A second edition on Further Adventures in Pocketing!  After all, there is another side to the inside of your purse...Shouldn't we do that side up nicely as well?  Two more types of pockets tomorrow!!

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