Friday, June 11, 2010


Freeday, n. 1. A day, usually a Friday, when you have nothing on your schedule other than just floating from one home bound event to another. 2. In keeping with the free definition, Freedays can also be whatever you want it to be.  You can even leave for a Yard Sale.Today was a Freeday for me.  Lots to do, but under no gun to complete any of it.  Cleaning. Painting the kitchen in preparation for my new counter and flooring. De cluttering. Re cluttering. Using my new vacuum cleaner. Sewing and embroidering.  Listening to Garrison Keillor. Laundry.  Let me report in detail:  1A.. Photo One: Received my Prize from Lola Nova! The Zakka Sewing Book is awesome! And these sweet House Shoes pictured above, is just a sampling of the other house crafts included. And just because she's such a good blogger, she sent along some little lovelies along with my wonderful FREE book!  Thanks Lola Nova!  2.B. Flea Market finds from yesterday got the once over on Freeday.  Don't you love this very substantial lidless tea pot in my counter to be color?  And this lovely tall Franciscan pottery pitcher? And today, A Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, huge, 50 cents. And a Natural Childhood book, holistic and interesting; good to refer to for ideas...

3C.  As some of you know, I am fixin to host my First Annual mama's collection of Friends Crafting/Sewing/Spiritual/Motherhood Retreat next month.  And E/A and I are plotting and preparing for a swell time for all!  To begin the process: Beverages!  Big Lots (oh favorite for a foodie) had LOTS (hence the name) of Sweet Leaf Tea of all varieties!!  I love this tea!  Even a fan!  I get newsletters!And Anna's thin little tea worthy cookie! Oh yes!  We're setting in the fun things of this retreat!  My To Do List gets more fun each day!!......Interested??

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