Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I do not call Eldest/Admin that name lightly.  Yessiree; she earns every praise she gets for putting up with her Technological Deficient Mother.  After DAYS, (did I stress days enough?) of desperately trying to upload photos and deal with Blogger's down time, I resorted to asking my very busy E/A to explain, Why oh Why does my computer not like my camera any more.  And she patiently analyzed the problem and gave good advice.  Then one, two, three!  Upload happened!!  So in the meantime, this mama has been a very busy, albeit blogless, lady......

Let us begin.
Weeding.  The temperate temperatures allowed me to spend quite a few productive hours in the garden.  With my Guard Dog, Pudge, (can you see  him at the gate?) standing patrol, Stella the Ditsy Cat, following me around the Weedy Needy Areas, I had a pleasant day of puttering.  Thank you God.
Summer time brings about Vacation Bible School!  So many memories of VBS with my children.  Personally, I never attended one in my childhood.  Oh, but if I could have!  Please never give up on dragging the neighborhood with you to your VBS.  You just never know.  I think of how my life would have been different if someone, anyone would have invited me to their church for VBS or Youth Group.  Many a year when my children were young, we would have station wagon/van/car full of Unsaved Waifs, just ready for the Gospel Message.  My Hubby always took the week off so we could make it a family affair, both of us usually intrinsically involved as Director, Food Lady, Craft Director, 4-5 year old teacher, Story Lady, etc, etc...It was a long hard but very fun week.  This year, my only interaction is to design and create Space Patches for an astronaut costume for a Space Themed Bible School.  Having made MANY a costume for my Pretend World Children, the thought was exciting and reminiscent for me. So now, between today and Sunday, I shall be embroidering till my fingies bleed.  And happy to do it, I am just that fond of VBS.
Before I started the patches, I did finish The Lineny Vintage Bag!!  It's everything I was hoping it would be; roomy, soft, shaped well and well, you know, of course...Pockety!!!

And the Sows Ear to Silk Purse Award goes to:
The Throwaway 40's Lawn Chair That I Pulled Out of the Garbage!
I wouldn't exactly feel safe sitting in this chair; some rather conspicuous duct tape at some key junctions, keeps me from offering it to guests.  BUT as a proud displayer of my New Guinea Impatiens (and an errant tomato plant!), it works quite well!!
And last but certainly not last, a wonderful photo of Rabbit Rita's One of Three Solid Blue Hydrangea Bushes that we visited on the Garden Exchange.  A whole bush this color!  Extraordinary!  Makes me sigh just looking at it!

So that, dear readers, is some of what mama and her collection has been up to....And More.......Tomorrow, if the Kodak gods smile upon me........!


  1. Love, Love, Love the new bag - BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Glad you got your pics uploaded ;)

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  3. Much to say about this blog....
    1.) I cant tell you how many times in the past couple weeks I wished there was an adult VBS I could go to!!! Landon and I had a lengthy talk the other night about our thoughts and experiences growing up with going to VBS. I of course LOVED it! It had everything a home schooler doesnt get to have on a daily basis that a school goer does. A scheduled day of events around all your best friends! BUT, no school work! But I did always want craft time to last about three times longer. Landon of course hated it for the same reasons I loved it, all those rules and schedules. Haha! We both agreed that play time was sometimes fun, but didn't like being forced into group games if we didn't want to participate in. Which still shows in our personalities today. Very VERY stubborn couple we are. Lol.
    2.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bag!!! It is what we Cory's call, FAAABBBBBBULOUUUUS!!!!!
    3.) Also love the transformation of the chair! super adorable!
    4thly)I don't know if I have ever seen such beautiful hydrangeas....I might have to steal me some when I come home... :-D!!!
    5thly and thankfully lastly) I am glad you got your pictures working. YAY for eldest admin strength in determination and patience!!!! She is the best!!! :-D!

  4. We so appreciate you doing the VBS patches, and, believe me, if you want to come, we would be so happy to have you with us--either some of the time OR all week! I'm needing some ideas. I'll be doing the missions story (David Livingstone)/info. on our African missionaries (very interesting, BTW!) :). Do you have any ideas how I can look African? I may have to pretend I'm a missionary, with my blonde hair/blue eyes,etc., instead of a native. I have a few wooden musical pieces/drum. Maybe a head turban and colorful dress would help things? I'll see what I can come up with.
    Yes, I agree, your newest purse turned out nicely. It's amazing what you can do with your finds. How do you spell resourceful? D-E-B! Good job! :)


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