Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sabbath Rest

You have to recharge.
We are designed to.
We have a nearly six day charge to our bodies and we know when it's time to recoup from the flurry of activity that we indulge in.
So, in case you're looking for permission to shut down for awhile, be it 2 hours, 20 minutes, 1 day, whatever you need to get to that feeling of  'Ahhh....I think now I can continue', then I'm here to give you that permission.  Granted.  Permisso.  Go sit down and be quiet, inside and out.

It just was not a tricky way of the church to get our attention on Sunday.  No indeed.  Our Divine All knowing Creator, knew that our limited energized bodies and minds would need refueling to continue on our strength and creativity.
So today, I recharged.
Big Time.
Two Hour Nap.  This does not usually happen.  Sometimes a quick 20 minutes.  Sometimes a bit on the porch swing.  Maybe a sit under the pergola gazing at the greenery.  But today, I joined the Hubby, who needed some major recoup after his now 6 day a week/12 hour+ day weeks of late.
When I woke up, I felt like I had been on vacation.  Chomping at the bit to get up and out to the tasks at hand.
As is often the case, when Hubby works overtime, so do I.  I feel so painfully empathetic to his plight, that I feel beholdin' to pick up the slack around here.  And so I have.
It also helps terribly to know that in nearly a month, I shall be hosting My First Annual mama's collection of Friends Crafting/Sewing/Spiritual/Mothering Retreat here at my home.
How's that for giving your whole estate a once over?  Positively Energizing.  I now look at the whole house with a more than critical eye, thinking, 'How will The Ladies View This?'  There is nothing like inviting company to your home, whether it be for dinner, coffee or a retreat(!) to spur you on to big accomplishments.
But first you rest.
Then you work a bit.  Or mommy a lot.  But always, eke out the few solitary, quiet moments to reflect and retool.  Bodies need strengthening and minds and attitudes need tempering no matter what your workload.  And the more you invest in your own down time, the more you'll be able to help others carry their burden.

Do yourself and those you love, a favor and shut down for a modicum of time this week and just reflect. 
And be at peace.....

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I am rather stringent about my alone time, but I've found that all is simply better when it is in place.


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