Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Sad to see a house sit lonely.
Especially when the house is a wonderful example of a Craftsman Bungalow.
Oak woodwork, never bothered by a paint brush.  Working fireplace flanked by glass front bookcases.  Dining room window seat that spans the trio of large windows. French Doors separating Living and Dining room.  Wood floors under the carpet.  All the unique features that make a Craftsman, a Craftsman.
And it is once again, lonely and empty.

Ever since Lovely Lisa the Neighbor headed to the joys of the country, has any of her line of renters, truly appreciated the beauty of this cozy, comfortable home.
I remember sitting with LLN one evening long ago, while she recuperated from a complicated surgery, and looking around in awe of the details and workmanship of this quality '20's home.  And LLN made it a haven. And did I mention that I still miss her neighborliness?

As is the way of tenants, people tend to come and go and vacillate and ponder and promise and then move on.  Commitment can be sketchy and dedication to the quality, gets lost in translation.  And so it is with complete understanding, LLN and her Hubby are listing this little gem with an official realtor with hopes of a real buyer with an appreciation for the little house's outstanding features.

And so is it's neighbor.
I can be a wonderful neighbor.  I'll feed your cat when you're out of town.  I"ll water your plants, cover your dead dog, check if coffee makers are left on, refinish you steps, babysit, and keep my property reasonably clean.  I'll make you egg rolls if you let me borrow an egg and I'll call the police when a drunk driver plows into the rear end of your car on the street.  I'll be vigilant without being too nosy.

So if you've ever had a hankerin' to experience Small Town Living in the Midwest, here is a grand opportunity.  Historic type home, good price, slow living, good garden views AND me as a next door neighbor!

Hurry!  Call!  Don't let this pass you by! MLS#10-14998
(View from the Craftsman Deck)
(But LLN, you will always be my neighbor in my heart....:D)


  1. I don't see this listing in the link you posted--would love to take a look!

  2. Did you check out the MLS Number? It's under 69,900 listings.....Enjoy!!!

  3. Oh Deb! You have made me really homesick this time :)
    Thank you for the kind words, and I will vouch for you, you are indeed a wonderful neighbor! The answer to my prayer!


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